Sleek & Modern J-Handle

J-handle is a handleless style that has a ‘J’ shaped curve built into the top of the cabinet door or drawer front, perfectly shaped to pull open. This gives a sleek modern look to your kitchen or wardrobe.

The J-handle is a very popular choice for contemporary living spaces as they give off an open and airy feel to your kitchen or wardrobe. PANEL IT now introduces a Melamine finish which is more competitive and long-lasting than the Lacquer finish which was more commonly available.

When compared to regular cupboard and drawer handles, a handleless selection like the J-handle would bring more appeal and style to the interiors. It exhibits a clean, uncluttered and streamlined finish. Our range of 22mm thick J-handle panels come in various styles and colours that would perfectly complement your kitchens and wardrobes with their minimalistic and modern features.